Harissa Hideaways
Where pure luxury and sophisticated style awaits your arrival

With us you can travel from the one authentic place to the other. “AWAY FROM HOME TO HOME”. Yvonne Hulst and Alberto Cortes had already opened their doors at RYAD DYOR in the Mendina of Marrakech, and of The PURIST Villas and Spa, between the rice fields and tropical forest in Bali. On the exiting Island of Ibiza known for its special atmosphere and cosmopolitan mix of people, they transformed a group of villas into luxury hideaways under the name Harissa.

THE GIRI RESIDENCE started together with the Danish couple Lars and Rosa Hansen is a new “Bijou Boutique” hotel in the collection of HARISSA HIDEAWAYS.

HARISSA HIDEAWAYS is many things to many people, but to give it its due; the place has to be cool, but with a lack of pretention and controversial from the jazz tunes to the décor, to the drinks and the food, and last but not least the place needs this “smell” that seduces a certain “melting pot” of people hard to define. Weather it is fashion or music or art; it certainly is the love for freedom, the nature, the comfort and the wellbeing that brings them together.

There is this desire to blend comfort with an exotic ambience. We love to combine the authentic architecture with our minimalistic design and to let the outside world magically disappear and to be in keeping with the spirit, the customs and symbolism of the place.

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